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Bad book review of Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Eragon is a book about a young man who lives in the world of the middle earth. There is in a dark time. In this world dragons were allies to people known as riders. The riders are the only ones who can understand the dragons. The legends of the dragon riders. From what I understood it has been over 100 years since the last dragon rider. The character Eragon is the latest to be chosen from the last dragon.

The book is written well but it’s still just ok. It is not the most unique. However the book does have a very interesting concept for the dragon/rider communication as it’s all italics.  

“Eragon’s mind churned as he sped on his way.”

This book just bugs me. The best part of this book is Brom( Previous rider and eragons mentor.) but they kill him of if I do remember correctly his time is interesting he comes up with the plans the best training while eragon is a hunter who can’t read, doesn’t know whats safe and loses the dragon saphira around 3 times. I know he is the main protagonist but he just sucks.

don’t bother with the book it has 2 paws and I’m being generous.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1) This story is escapist fiction so it’s reality is for your enjoyment.
2) I do not own any of the characters other than Dan and Mark. please tell me what you thought of them.
3) Spiderman and his affiliated characters are owned by marvel and Sony.
4) The bottom you will see the suits my character will be wearing in the near future. Please give me your opinion on them.

part 1 power
page 1
    Dan is morosely walking down a street in his blue hoodie, red shirt, and black pants with the hood up and his hands in his pockets. Dan has spiky auburn hair and hazel eyes. His skin is Caucasian.

Dan’s log: My name is Dan Reilly. I’m not the average kid, I’m kind of weird and You may see things like aliens and monsters but you're still you. I belong to the freaks. The world I live in is one of rejection. My mom is scared and worried always crying about my dad, my best friend mark is crazy about all the strange things I do and those things I do. well I can climb walls, rip open car doors and just be a mini spider-man. yeah I'm a freak.

page 2 panel 1: Dan walks in to his house. The house is blue, it has three windows in the front. one at the top one at the bottom.

Dan: Hi mom!
Dan’s mom: Hi honey. How was your day?

panel 2 : Dan is sitting at the counter of his kitchen. He has one leg on the chair and the other on the ground. He is eating a pizza.

Dan: It was good, I guess the rest of my class still looks at me funny.
Dan’s mom: sorry to hear that Dan, but hey I’ll bet you did good in class, right?

panel 3 : Dan looks down. His mom still sitting looking at him. She has auburn hair like Dan and is wearing a button up shirt and jeans. Her eyes are blue and her skin is Caucasian.
Dan: Not really, I was thinking of dad again and I...I...I guessed randomly. I’m sorry.

page 3 panel 1: Dan’s mom looked upset.
Dan’s mom: hm.

panel 2: Dan’s mom is wiping her mouth with a napkin.
Dan’s mom: Well that's okay. You’ll do better next time, right?

panel 3: Dan looks shocked as her mom enjoys her pizza across the counter.

panel 4: he looks determined.
Dan : yes ma’am.

panel 5: Dan and his mom begin eating again.

page 3 panel 1: It’s the school PS 314. It’s two stories and made of brick the windows are large
Dan’s log: here is my school. It’s just “great”. you see my school you see  me get picked on. A little plus is that I have Mark, my best friend.
panel 2: Mark is running to Dan. Mark is African American, skinny, and has black hair. He has a red jacket, yellow shirt, and blue jeans.
Mark: Hey Dan!
Dan : Hey Mark.
panel 3: The two are standing in front of lockers. Dan has his hood up and is slouched.
    Mark: Where were you last night? Me, Crystal ,and Lana, we were at the carnival waiting for you.
Dan: Yeah, I was kinda tired. I turned in early I guess.
panel 4: Mark leans in close, with his hand covering his mouth.
Mark: This have something todo with your crawlin’ walls?
panel 5: Dan pushes him back far.
panel 6: Mark hits the ground. the students look at him with his arms and legs flailing.
page 4: Dan looks at his hands, terrified of what transpired.
page 5: Panel 1: Dan is sulking quietly in the corner of his room, the attic.
You see the corner of his bed with white sheets and his night stand with a lamp on it.
    panel 2: the door creaks open. A crack of light is seen in the dark room.
    Dan’s mom: Danny?
    panel 3: Dan’s mom comes to comfort her son. Sitting next to him in the dark room.
page 6 panel 1: Same as the previous.
    Dan's mom: Mark apologized for what happened at school.
    panel 2: Dan’s eyes can be seen now and they look angered.
    Dan : I’m sorry Mom. I did it again, I used my powers.
    panel 3: Dan looks up at his mother, whose eyes are closed
    panel 4: Dan looks back down this time with his fist clenched. His mom is thinking quietly.
page 7 panel 1: Dan looks back up his fist relaxed.
    Dan : Mom, can you tell me about Dad?
    panel 2: She looks nervous, her hand clasped over her lips.
Dan’s mom: Okay, it’s just… you need to know he was Spider-man.
    panel 3: Dan is shocked. his mouth is wide open and eyes widen.
    Dan: What?!!
page 8-9: a splash page of the scarlet spider and spider-man history. Showing the greatest moments of their lives.
    Dan’s mom: Your father was a man named Ben Reilly. He was optimistic about a lot of things. He was… um uh. I uh think it was time to tell you the whole truth. Your father was a costumed hero called the Scarlet-Spider, he was also spiderman before he died. He was different like you. He was clever, but a bit of a moron though and could do things no one else can. He could climb buildings like you, and lift tons like you and even sense danger kinda like you. You and he have a lot in common.
page 10 panel 1: Dan’s mom is crying single tears.
    Dan’s mom: He had your eyes and you have his heart.
    panel 2 : Dan is looking down wondering.
    Dan: Was he related to the current Spider-man?
    panel 3 :Well that was the thing. See he was related to him and that spider guy that was in Houston a few Months ago, you know the other scarlet spider.
    panel 4:Dan is crying. his tears run across his face as his teeth clench.  
Dan: So, how was dad related to them? Were they cousins or brothers or mutants or space  people? How, mom? How?
page 11: Dan is shocked. His mouth open while his eyes still full of tears.
    Dan’s Mom: Your father was the second spider-man. Your father was a clone!!!
The End?


Monday, November 25, 2013

pearl value essay by Austin Holmes

Value, If we had no value the world would be chaos like a world without air, but some may have values of priced items or gifts or maybe personal moments that are cherished. Though I believe that the world is so obsessed with fame and fortune that some need to value the journey. I value my family and friends and even the life of others, but just ask yourself, what do you value?

Out of my personal values, my X-box 360 given to my dad by my uncle Brian I’ve played over and over on this whether the game is batman,minecraft or anything really. And no this is not my most valuable item but it’s a good one. I play over and over thinking that the adrenaline will consume me the fact of the matter is that the more you play the less exciting it is to play but in a game where there is an infinite amount of possibilities then I will play and enjoy.

My favorite game to play is Minecraft because it’s one of the only games in which I can play it over and over and over again. And it’s fun I can do whatever I please and this makes it interesting. I can do anything and build whatever. so yes it is my favorite game for the x-box. While I do have other favorite games none compare to this game. And I do play on other game consoles as well.

That does mean that I can’t always play the same thing but I would play Batman: Arkham City over and over again but its one of those things where you get addicted to it the control of the movement the graphics it’s unbearably cool. The best game for all of my systems is not the newest but one of my oldest. Well I’m cheating here but for the first one I’m thinking Tony Hawk three. A ps1 game in which it may not be the best but it’s one of my favorites. The general plot you skate on a obstacle course. The second is ULTIMATE spiderman. In my opinion this is the perfect spiderman game you do everything the way that your suppose to do you climb walls you lift cars you swing  from building to building and that’s not the best part. You can play as the deadliest of deadly, you play as venom. Now the game is that you constantly flip-flop as spiderman and venom  and unravel the story as you go along. once you beat the story you then play as spiderman in any of ten costumes and save the city.

There is an item of personal value and that is my dog. A kind creature that the most valuable is the moments I play with him. Like this one time that I just wanted a good day I went to my dad’s I wasn’t excited by that but to see my dog. His presence brings light to the grey world I live in. I make song parodies about him and despite how often I hate his biting and idiotic ways I still love the dog wouldn’t trade him for the world. Pupperton. S. Waggs. moments with you makes the rest of my life seem easy.

These are my values my dog is whatever I want him to be if necessary I carry him. But it’s not the dog himself that I value the most. It’s the moments when he’s quiet and sleepy those moments when he’s hyper and wants to run when he lays down on his bed letting anyone pet him. That is what I value. I think that the dog is priced so while I think of  him as priceless I know that he isn’t.

My dog is priced you buy pets and to be honest I think that the moments with someone or something you can have a tree that you like to climb or a person you love. Anything. My dog  is one of these values but all can be priced and sold. However I love petting my dog and running across the yard with him. Those moments just add to why I love this dog and to be honest I had other dogs that all went away in one form or another. My uncles dog cooper was taken away  by his ex-girlfriend. My grandma Kathy's dogs were put down as were mine. My aunt had a domatian named domino who died in a fire because of suffocation. My dog Daisy was my oldest friend, my parents told me that Daisy would look after me after I was born and that was the start of dogs liking me, but now that the dog is gone I treasure every moment with my pets. I miss my cat pogo all the dogs and even my brothers fish. There are some mice and gerbils that my cat chase got to and ate. To be honest we have had a zoo and that means more memories I didn’t know all of them, heck I had twenty eight fish for one day. Man did the toilet back up. But that is not the point the point is that because of the moments I had with my pets I want to continue. They were priceless.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

speak final assessment

speak final assessment
part 1: Given how unlike everyone I constantly get this feeling of my desires wanting more than my words would say, why I get this feeling in this class almost everyday. So one time I felt this way was during a time in which my brother was being picked on by my oldest friend. Now that problem is resolved but I did not allow my brother getting hurt so since my mouth would close when I told my mom or her boyfriend (Note : my “ friend’s” dad is her boyfriend.) to stop this I told him off he and I wound up beating each other but the fact to the matter is that I made him stop this happened a year ago so I can’t tell every detail. All I can say is that it was terrifying to ( no pun intended.) speak about it.

part 2: Though my outer and inner voice almost never harmonize there are times when I speak my mind and tell people off. Some can say it’s a crutch to let the enemy state the terms to fight but, I think that everyone is afraid of losing to someone they think is weak, so they feel they need to create a way they feel they can win. So anytime you see someone look at you funny so what. Anytime that I say “OK” to anything my mind and body are in agreement they speak in unison.

part 3: The thought of speaking hurts Melinda. She can only think of the terrible feeling of depression and sadness. If you were in her shoes then you would feel sad for her. She is depressed and lonely. That’s why the quote I chose to describe her voice complexity is “ Mr.Neck : We meet again. Me :          Would he listen to “ I need to go home and change,” or “ Did you see what that bozo did,” not a chance. I keep my mouth shut.” this shows why she can’t she says that “ it’s easier to say nothing” but isn’t that why you should?

    I wanted to do this to show the significance of melindas actions and to prove that everyone is wrong my outer and inner voice are almost always in harmony and only can’t work when I talk about secretive matters or trying to correctly asking a question and speaking in front of large groups so in one time or another, everyone has been  like Melinda.

Monday, October 21, 2013

mocking jay reveiw

1) this is my opinion no judging because I feel differently about this book
2)if you don't agree then you can comment stating you likes and dislikes of the book
3) last but not least give any recommendations on how to be better about this
Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins. Scholastic Press / New York 2010
First quarter outside reading book review
To read or not to read (or read before the movie comes out!). That is the question.
               This book is about seventeen year old Katniss Everdeen. She is in a war against the Capitol run by President Snow and his “peace keepers”. That and she was trying to save her friend, Peeta. Katniss is seventeen and is a hunter of all living things. She is also known as the Mocking Jay, the symbol of the Resistance. This book takes place in the fictional world of Panem.
“Whereas Katniss kills with finesse, Collins writes with raw power.”- Time Magazine
This book is in the same writing style as Collins first two books Catching Fire and Hunger Games. First person and from Katniss’s perspective. We’re basically reading what she sees.
“We both end up crying again, only this time we comfort each other.” Page 386 Paragraph 3 Line 2
I honestly think that this book was strange as story.  I think it was good but failed trying to make it epic.   I think it feels like a ‘middle book’ which connects the mysteries of the first two books in the series to the ending of this book.  Which is wide open for the final story of the series.  It would also be interesting to have a spin-off of this book, like life in different districts.  That’s just my thought on the book.
In my own opinion this book gets three paws out of 5.  If you like the others in the series, read it but it’s mainly just a quick ending to a story that should have been a bit longer.

outside reading book project

Katnisis’ room

if she had her own room in our time then she would have shelves upon shelves of jackets and cross-bows and compound bows and pictures of animals that she hunts.
she has random papers with drawings of fashionable clothing made by her friend cinna. Plus
her quivers of arrows and jackets and uniforms from the hunger games in her closet.

she also has countless pillows and blankets living in the her new victors house. Of course where are her pictures. She only has three. one is of her and peeta as victors. Of course this is because of her mother saying to look at one accomplishment in district 12. The second is of her family before the death of her father this is there so she wants to remember her father. The third is of her and gale, her best friend, though Gale is thought to be her “cousin” by the districts. She and Gale have a life long friendship despite Peeta. she has a t.v . and a desk and even a journal to tell these books in their entirety. A fireplace for whatever reason and a computer as every teenager would have in some way or another, a chest at the foot of her bed that lets her keep her valuables a cat bed for Buttercup. (Prim’s cat.) and finally a glass case for a pin the mocking jay pin the only memorabilia from the hunger games that she has in the open. That is what Katniss’ room would be like or at least what I think it would be like.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Speak reflective reading quiz

1)    The first word that describes melinda is distraught as she does not see the school as a new opportunity she sees it as a torture hole. She is frighten by the world she lives in looking at it as a hell hole a torture room where she can  be hated by anyone  who sees fit to do so.

2)    The second word is angered as she would like to kill whoever raped her. And yes I’m aware that our criminal “Andy Evens” points out the “why would he?” but he did so and Melinda has a right to.

3)    The third is because she is stressed. Mainly found in any part of the book even the beginning when she can’t find a seat.

4)    The fourth word is secretive and to be honest I think that this is  perfect as she hides a secret through the entire year and only comes out to say what it is once. and that is fine but there is a problem in who she keeps the secrets from. her parents don’t see anything wrong with their child. If that is the case then they should not be parents at all.

5)    The fifth and final word is glossophobic the fear of talking. Yes an actual phobia is my last word and this is helpful as it is true she is afraid of talking.

6)     The best word for melinda is secretive or arcane, as she is not telling anyone of the events of august. though i personally find this stupid and if i was in her shoes i would try not to do anything but talk i realized that no one understands so if you tell first hand information then it is just perceived as second hand .it shows no value. similar to a fasaged. like every one has. melinda hides behind the quiet girl and trying to move the heavy weight that is put on her shoulders.

    Yes everyone has a mask to hide behind because everyone has a secret. My point of this is not that a secret is bad it’s that you need to share it. I mean how many celebrities do you think are like the way they act. they have secrets to. so as a final thought is that everyone has a secret and we all wear mask but which is real the ones that hide your face or the one that is your face. that is the question?

angered: “ I know what I want to do in here and it doesn’t include eggplant.”

glossophobic: “ mom: “you missed the bus again.” I nod. mom: “you expect me to drive you again.” another nod.”

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

the hunter and the indian

Authors notes: 1) I'm not trying to get someone to like my story or to get a message from it I want to tell a good story that is all.

2) This project was easy to write as I constantly write stories.

3) None as I said I write constantly.

4) Its a story of a boy saying thank you to someone who helped him

the absolutely true diary of a part time indian/ catching fire

On a sunny day in district 11 a school “Reardan high school” a quaint place in panum but that is not what we are to talk about. We are here to talk about the two miles west at the indian reservation in district twelve. There is a another school that has the worse learning experience and the worse students. They would fight, they would kill the rest of their race the would fight the world. Katniss Everdean has to see that every day. Arnold jr. is the one who loses. He’s beaten he’s hurt his life has been only fourteen years and he has lost three hundred forty fights he doesn’t start them but is always losing them.

The fight ends and Junior falls bruised all over. Katniss runs over to help as Arnold who is bloody is trying to get up. His arm is broken and his face is bleeding. Katniss tells him that the infirmary is only twelve feet away but nothing is wrong other than his arm he gets up and leaves the area, leaving Katniss alone and she leaves to her home and leaves a puddle of blood.

The weather was hot as it would be in summer and is slowly giving a gentle breeze. Katniss runs and runs until she leaves the district and heads in the forest. She sits there sad, depressed, and angry. She finds her bow and fires at the nearest living thing she misses blinded by rage and covered in tears.

The homes of district twelve are as dingy and disgusting as they come even when clean they sink of liquor, beer, and gunpowder the very idea of a coal miner being rich was just infuriating. These homes make back alleys look like mansions. They live like animals but thats nothing to be frightened but of course this is the home of Arnold and his family. his sister lives in the basement his father drunk in the living room and his mother in the garden. Arnold is in his closet trying to stay away from anyone who wants to hurt him like he was to day so in a cast for his arm three to four months from now he will have taken off.

Katniss still roaming now has three scratches and all thanks to a squirrel. She was trying to get to turtle lake and trying to make a decent gathering of food to sell. And what could go wrong but the animal got scared and attacked the predator scratching her in the cheek she had never been attacked by prey. She gets to the lake and swims though she was not expecting Arnold to appear.

“Hello?” she said very cautious.


“Come and swim the water’s great!”

“No I can’t get my cast wet.”

Katniss surprised got out of the water and came to her clothes neatly folded in piles.

“I just wanted to say thank you for getting me up after the fight.” as Arnold left the lake.

“oh you’re welcome” she said as she was utterly alone.