Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bad book review of Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Eragon is a book about a young man who lives in the world of the middle earth. There is in a dark time. In this world dragons were allies to people known as riders. The riders are the only ones who can understand the dragons. The legends of the dragon riders. From what I understood it has been over 100 years since the last dragon rider. The character Eragon is the latest to be chosen from the last dragon.

The book is written well but it’s still just ok. It is not the most unique. However the book does have a very interesting concept for the dragon/rider communication as it’s all italics.  

“Eragon’s mind churned as he sped on his way.”

This book just bugs me. The best part of this book is Brom( Previous rider and eragons mentor.) but they kill him of if I do remember correctly his time is interesting he comes up with the plans the best training while eragon is a hunter who can’t read, doesn’t know whats safe and loses the dragon saphira around 3 times. I know he is the main protagonist but he just sucks.

don’t bother with the book it has 2 paws and I’m being generous.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1) This story is escapist fiction so it’s reality is for your enjoyment.
2) I do not own any of the characters other than Dan and Mark. please tell me what you thought of them.
3) Spiderman and his affiliated characters are owned by marvel and Sony.
4) The bottom you will see the suits my character will be wearing in the near future. Please give me your opinion on them.

part 1 power
page 1
    Dan is morosely walking down a street in his blue hoodie, red shirt, and black pants with the hood up and his hands in his pockets. Dan has spiky auburn hair and hazel eyes. His skin is Caucasian.

Dan’s log: My name is Dan Reilly. I’m not the average kid, I’m kind of weird and You may see things like aliens and monsters but you're still you. I belong to the freaks. The world I live in is one of rejection. My mom is scared and worried always crying about my dad, my best friend mark is crazy about all the strange things I do and those things I do. well I can climb walls, rip open car doors and just be a mini spider-man. yeah I'm a freak.

page 2 panel 1: Dan walks in to his house. The house is blue, it has three windows in the front. one at the top one at the bottom.

Dan: Hi mom!
Dan’s mom: Hi honey. How was your day?

panel 2 : Dan is sitting at the counter of his kitchen. He has one leg on the chair and the other on the ground. He is eating a pizza.

Dan: It was good, I guess the rest of my class still looks at me funny.
Dan’s mom: sorry to hear that Dan, but hey I’ll bet you did good in class, right?

panel 3 : Dan looks down. His mom still sitting looking at him. She has auburn hair like Dan and is wearing a button up shirt and jeans. Her eyes are blue and her skin is Caucasian.
Dan: Not really, I was thinking of dad again and I...I...I guessed randomly. I’m sorry.

page 3 panel 1: Dan’s mom looked upset.
Dan’s mom: hm.

panel 2: Dan’s mom is wiping her mouth with a napkin.
Dan’s mom: Well that's okay. You’ll do better next time, right?

panel 3: Dan looks shocked as her mom enjoys her pizza across the counter.

panel 4: he looks determined.
Dan : yes ma’am.

panel 5: Dan and his mom begin eating again.

page 3 panel 1: It’s the school PS 314. It’s two stories and made of brick the windows are large
Dan’s log: here is my school. It’s just “great”. you see my school you see  me get picked on. A little plus is that I have Mark, my best friend.
panel 2: Mark is running to Dan. Mark is African American, skinny, and has black hair. He has a red jacket, yellow shirt, and blue jeans.
Mark: Hey Dan!
Dan : Hey Mark.
panel 3: The two are standing in front of lockers. Dan has his hood up and is slouched.
    Mark: Where were you last night? Me, Crystal ,and Lana, we were at the carnival waiting for you.
Dan: Yeah, I was kinda tired. I turned in early I guess.
panel 4: Mark leans in close, with his hand covering his mouth.
Mark: This have something todo with your crawlin’ walls?
panel 5: Dan pushes him back far.
panel 6: Mark hits the ground. the students look at him with his arms and legs flailing.
page 4: Dan looks at his hands, terrified of what transpired.
page 5: Panel 1: Dan is sulking quietly in the corner of his room, the attic.
You see the corner of his bed with white sheets and his night stand with a lamp on it.
    panel 2: the door creaks open. A crack of light is seen in the dark room.
    Dan’s mom: Danny?
    panel 3: Dan’s mom comes to comfort her son. Sitting next to him in the dark room.
page 6 panel 1: Same as the previous.
    Dan's mom: Mark apologized for what happened at school.
    panel 2: Dan’s eyes can be seen now and they look angered.
    Dan : I’m sorry Mom. I did it again, I used my powers.
    panel 3: Dan looks up at his mother, whose eyes are closed
    panel 4: Dan looks back down this time with his fist clenched. His mom is thinking quietly.
page 7 panel 1: Dan looks back up his fist relaxed.
    Dan : Mom, can you tell me about Dad?
    panel 2: She looks nervous, her hand clasped over her lips.
Dan’s mom: Okay, it’s just… you need to know he was Spider-man.
    panel 3: Dan is shocked. his mouth is wide open and eyes widen.
    Dan: What?!!
page 8-9: a splash page of the scarlet spider and spider-man history. Showing the greatest moments of their lives.
    Dan’s mom: Your father was a man named Ben Reilly. He was optimistic about a lot of things. He was… um uh. I uh think it was time to tell you the whole truth. Your father was a costumed hero called the Scarlet-Spider, he was also spiderman before he died. He was different like you. He was clever, but a bit of a moron though and could do things no one else can. He could climb buildings like you, and lift tons like you and even sense danger kinda like you. You and he have a lot in common.
page 10 panel 1: Dan’s mom is crying single tears.
    Dan’s mom: He had your eyes and you have his heart.
    panel 2 : Dan is looking down wondering.
    Dan: Was he related to the current Spider-man?
    panel 3 :Well that was the thing. See he was related to him and that spider guy that was in Houston a few Months ago, you know the other scarlet spider.
    panel 4:Dan is crying. his tears run across his face as his teeth clench.  
Dan: So, how was dad related to them? Were they cousins or brothers or mutants or space  people? How, mom? How?
page 11: Dan is shocked. His mouth open while his eyes still full of tears.
    Dan’s Mom: Your father was the second spider-man. Your father was a clone!!!
The End?